Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's always a fun day at the shop when our reps stop by with some new goodies for us to see. It's a great chance for us to learn in-person about our manufacturer's new technology, feedback and recommendations. Today we were lucky to open our shop doors and have a slew of beautiful Niner mountain bikes be walked into the back of our store. To those unfamiliar, Niner is a mountain bike manufacturer from North Hollywood, California. They are the 29-inch afficianados...or as they like to say it, they are: The Big Wheel Revolution! Niner is so confident in their ballot in the battle between 29-inch versus 26-inch mountain bikes, that they've developed their entire product line behind the bigger hoops. And let me just say, 2010 has some impressive models coming to the public inthe very near future. Honestly, I personally would have left our meeting today happy just seeing the Niner One9 single-speed 29er in Electric Blue (the paint actually glows in the dark!)...but when the barely released Niner Air9 Carbon hardtail in Tang (a really cool amber/orange color) came wheeling through the shop, my jaw hit the floor. Hard.
After Josh rolled my bottom lip back to it's more respectable preset position, we got to hear all the nitty-gritty secrets behind this beauty that weighed in, as built, just a hair over 18 pounds! This bike is meticulously crafted. It has beautiful lines and I can all but promise you that it wil move you forward fast...what I can't promise is that you've got the legs to prove it! All kidding aside, this was a prototype model that has never been ridden and will not be ridden until the Air9's start to make their way to the public. Fortunate thing for our customers, we are in the process of setting up a demo day and we're hoping we might have a couple Air9's and other incredible rides from Niner for you to test. For more information, please visit: And be sure to stay tuned to the Clemmons Bicycle blog and website as we begin to make 2010 Niner bikes available at our store!

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