Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NINER's Bullet-Proof Carbon Rigid Fork!

If you've been following our blog, lately, you might already know that we are super excited about our amped up support of Niner bikes. Especially with our new Demo Fleet starting to make it's way through our doors. We received this little tid-bit from Niner regarding their rigid carbon fiber mountain bike specific fork...leaving us even more excited about their product.

There is a video streaming about online ( and it shows Chris Sugai, co-founder of Niner Bikes beating the sin out of their carbon fork with a 16oz ball peen hammer. The point of the hammer-test was to portray how even massive hits taken by the fork wouldn't necessarily result in catastrophic failure. To further their claims, Niner sent the bike to the testing facility where the stringent European mountain bike standards are default measures that have to be met...Niner's testing of the already hammered fork not only met, but surpassed the test!
"Niner forks are tested to the new European standards specifically designed for mountain bike use. To pass these safety standards the fork must undergo a load of 650 Newtons, both pushing and pulling on the dropouts for one hundred thousand cycles. Our hammer fork passed this test easily, so we kept going… and we upped the load. At 750 Newtons, the hammer fork passed another hundred thousand cycles, so we kept at it… and at it… In the end we were not able to get this fork to break until after three hundred thousand cycles! The Niner carbon fork tripled the most stringent bike product safety standard out there, after being beaten with a hammer! We would prefer that you didn’t do this to your fork, but it is nice to know how tough these things really are. "
Pretty friggin' awesome, if you ask me! The Demo frames are just now arriving and we will be building them up in the coming weeks. Be sure to stop by and check out these fabulous pieces of machinery, and as always: thanks for reading!

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